Grilling Accessories

File_Image36_Pages_bbq-accessories-1.jpg Seriously, a half can of beer inside an upright whole chicken is not a grilling accessory. Instead, stop in and see the selection of great innovations we’ve got in store. We carry everything from covers and vegetable roasters to hot wing kits. 


File_Image120_Pages_bbq-grillingislands-1.jpg No man is an island…unless it’s a customized BBQ island with built-in side burners, fridges, a stainless steel prep area, rockstar lighting and a kick ass stereo.  Whether you want to get your BBQ island pre-built or you want to customize your own design from an amazing list of component choices, we can set you up with everything so you can rock the yard with your cooking.

Sauces, Rubs & Marinades

File_Image121_Pages_bbq-sauces-2.jpg You’ve got the patio. You’ve got the grill. Now top it all off (literally) with some delicious sauces, rubs and marinades. If you’re not sure, just stop in and taste the options in our showrooms at our taste-testing station, get some for home and then let the applause begin…