Hot Tubs

File_Image15_Pages_general_1.jpg You know the old one about the frog not noticing that he’s being cooked, because the water gets warmer slowly to a boil? I think the frog noticed, but he didn’t care because it was so darn comfortable. Whether it’s the dream spa for the backyard or a swimspa for your heart or just a helping hand to keep your filters clean, we’ve got what it takes to keep you in hot water.


File_Image41_Pages_hottubs-expectationform-1.jpg At Paradise LeisureScapes we take the business of relaxation seriously. This is why we've created The Customer Expectation Form.

This simple two-page document explains what to expect when you purchase a spa from Paradise LeisureScapes and what we'll do to help make the excitement of delivery day everything you'd hope it would be.


File_Image42_Pages_wettest-2.jpg It’s hard to get a real idea of how sitting your new hot tub will feel unless you actually do it. Hopping into a dry tub with all your clothes on probably won’t help much with that, either, even if we turn the music really loud and spray you with a warm squirt bottle. That's why Paradise LeisureScapes offers your family the option of a wet-test to pick the spa that’s right for you.

All you need to do is pick a spa, a date, and a time (and bring your suit and towel!) We’ll do all the rest, so that you experience lounges, jets, lighting, and even sound systems from the best (and hottest) seat in the house. 

Site Inspection

File_Image43_Pages_siteinspection-1.jpg It’s important to make sure the spa of your dreams will fit into your space as well as it will fit in your lifestyle. Will it fit on your deck? How will it be delivered into your yard? Does it comply with current electrical codes?

To answer these and other important questions, Paradise LeisureScapes offers a free Site-Inspection to residents of Regina, Saskatoon, and surrounding areas. Just ask and one of our friendly, knowledgeable staff will visit your home (with tape measure in hand) to help with decisions from cover removal placement to base preparation.