Weekly Pool Maintenance

Ever wanted a pool boy (or pool girl)?

 Owning a pool is about enjoyment and relaxation. Let someone else put the elbow grease into maintaining your investment.

Choose from three service packages that provide everything from a once-a-week check-up to visits every two business days to ensure you experience a "hands-off" approach to pool ownership.

In addition to vacuuming, brushing, and skimming your pool, our maintenance staff will deliver and add your required water care products as well as log weekly computerized water tests at our in-store labs to optimize your water quality and warranty coverage.

Pool Sitting

Who do you leave in charge of your pool when you’re on vacation? The neighbours? That kid you hired to cut the grass? The brother-in-law?

Paradise LeisureScapes' maintenance departments offer a pool-sitting service to ensure that the next time you arrive home from a vacation the only thing you'll have to do before a post-flight swim is unpack your bathing suit.

Our maintenance staff will monitor your equipment system as well as keep your pool as clean as it was when you left it (maybe even cleaner!)

One Time Clean Ups

Algae problem? Big spring clean-up? Fast-approaching pool party?

Let us make your problems (and that algae!) dissapear with a one-time cleanup by Paradise LeisureScapes maintenance department. Our crews will perform algae treatments, leaf removal, wall-brushing and vacuuming services at an hourly rate to ensure your pool is in tip top shape in the shortest time possible.

Book your one-time cleanup when you arrange your Spring Opening, when algae strikes, or just when you need us the most (the week before that big pool party).

Pool Openings

I think if you’re honest with yourself, opening up the pool for the season isn’t more fun than golfing or gardening or tennis. Put your time and effort into something you love this Spring, and let Paradise LeisureScapes open your pool up from hibernation this year.

Our crews can perform a number of services ranging from a basic mechanical opening to a complete start-up including winter cover removal, and chemical additions. And while you’re booking the opening, you can book a one-time cleanup to get your pool season off to a sparkling start.

With help like this, you’ll be able to blame your tennis elbow on your backhand instead of your pool vacuum.


There are many good reasons to have Paradise LeisureScapes winterize your pool or hot tub, but they really all boil down to one thing: Peace of mind.

Paradise LeisureScapes can not only protect your pool or hot tub from our harsh winters, we'll protect you from costly damages that can occur when your pool or hot tub is improperly prepared for the cold off-season.

In addition to being highly-trained in pump, filter, and heater preparation, our experienced technicians are well-versed in the complexities of winterizing the newest pool technologies including water features, salt generators, power covers, and pool automation systems.

This fall, count on Paradise LeisureScapes to protect your pool or hot tub from the elements and next Spring you can count on a headache-free start-up.

24Hour Support

If you wanted to soak in a pool during business hours, you’d just keep stopping by to test our in store demos.

You want your own pool to be available for your use 24 hours a day.

If you have a mechanical emergency after our normal hours of business simply call our regular business phone numbers (including 1-800 #'s) and you'll receive the option of being directly connected to one of our Service Department's employees.

Free Water Analysis

Whether you’re talking about water or unlabelled leftovers, just because it LOOKS good doesn’t mean it IS good.

At Paradise LeisureScapes we can test your water to see just how good it is, keeping your health safe and saving you money when we provide the best recipe for pool additives.

Simply collect 1 litre of your pool or spa’s water from approximately 18" below the water surface, bring it in to one of our in-store labs, and we'll perform a detailed 15 point inspection of your water balance while you wait (there's even complimentary coffee or tea in our showrooms). The result is a step-by-step prescription for crystal clear, enjoyable water.

If you're in a rush, we’ll be more than happy to phone, fax, or email your results so you can get your pool water prescription when it's convenient for you.

Inspection Reports

Buying a home with a pool? Want a check-up on your hot tub before the warranty expires?

Paradise LeisureScapes' Service Departments are able to perform written inspection reports to offer potential buyers or current owners an accurate snapshot of the operational status of their pool or spa.

Written pool inspection reports cover everything from pool equipment to underground lines and can give a prospective homebuyer a realistic look at what future pool-related maintenance and repair costs they should expect.

Hot tub reports are the perfect way to keep your spa in check both during and after the warranty period. We’ll test all aspects of your spa including mechanical components (pumps, heaters, etc.), surfaces (shell, skirting,etc.), and accessories (covers, ozonators, etc.).

Book an inspection report and let Paradise LeisureScapes give you the real scoop on what’s going on in your pool or spa.

Filter Rentals

Need some help cleaning up your pool?

Paradise LeisureScapes has portable filters designed to roll up beside your pool at deck level and simply plug in to speed up the cleaning process.

These self-contained units have their own pump and valve systems so that you can still run your pool's equipment system to double the cleanup effort.

We also offer a delivery service so that the only thing you’ll have to pick up is the phone.

Leak Detection

Is your patience dropping as fast as your pool's water level?

Whether it's a standard service call, pressure-test, or vessel-inspection we have the skills to isolate water leaks and provide an answer to get you swimming again.

Filter Cleaning

At Paradise LeisureScapes we clean pool filters using our exclusive FilterBrite Filter Cleaning System, which includes numerous pressure cleanings, chemical degreasing/descaling, and a detailed visual inspection for any performance-limiting damages.

Hot tubs filters are equally important to water quality as well as jet performance, elimination of excess foaming, and efficient heater operation (which is extremely important in those cold winter months).

We also use the FilterBrite Filter Cleaning System to clean your spa filters in the same manner as we clean pool filters with the added bonus of a guaranteed turnaround time of 3 business days for spa filters between drop-off and pick-up.


Saving for a rainy day isn’t as fun as playing in your pool on sunny days.

Paradise LeisureScapes offers affordable financing for qualified applicants who are looking to start their fun right now. Purchase products such as swimming pools, hot tubs, and billiard tables with as little as $0 down and spread payments out over periods as long as 10 years.

Download our on-line application or stop by one our stores to find out how easy it can be to shop today and own tomorrow.


Filter Cleaning

Spa $15
Pool/Ec Model $70
Pool/Vert. Grid $85
Pool/Cart. Set $70
Pool/Above Gr. $55

Service Rates

Technician $119/hr
Assistant Tech. $75/hr
In Shop Tech. $109/hr
Emergency After Hours
(Minimum 1 Hour)
Billing Increments 1/4 hr
In Shop Inspection
(Minimum 1 Hour)
Travel (1 Tech) $1.40/km
*1 Tech & 1 Asst. $1.40/km
Warranty Travel $1.40/km
Pressure Test
(Minimum 1 Hour)
Pool Opening
(1 Tech, 1 Hour Minimum)
Pool Opening
(1 Tech & 1 Asst., 1 Hour Minimum)
Pool & Hot Tub Winterizing See Service Manager

Portable DE Filter Rental

Per Day
(Delivery & Powder Extra)

Underwater Leak Detection

Diver (Per Dive) $275
Travel $1.40/km
*All Rates Are Taxes Extra
*All Travel Based on Total KM Round Trip
*Free Chemical Delivery With All Services Calls
*Bring in a Water Sample & Receive 10% Off All Regular Priced Chemicals & Accessories

Maintenance Rates

1 Time Cleanup
(Minimum 1 Hour)
Pool Sitting
(2 Week Min., 2 Visits/Week)
Silver Package
(1 Visit/Week)
Gold Package
(2 Visits/Week)
Platinum Package
(3 Visits/Week)
*Chemicals, Parts and Repairs Extra
*Only Bioguard Chemicals Used
*Travel Not Included
*All Maintenance Packages are a 4 Week Minium (Consecutive Weeks)

Inspection Reports

Pool/Pres. Test
(Travel Extra)
Hot Tub Report
(Filter Cleaning Inc. )
(Travel Extra)